Shipping Information

Time Frames

Most items are custom made just for you at time of order. All work is done at our facility in Lake George, MN. Please allow two weeks for your item(s) to be made.

Domestic Shipping Service

We use several carriers for shipping. In the Midwest we typically use Spee-Dee Delivery. For Deliveries outside the Midwest, we typically use US Mail. Alternate carriers include UPS or FedEx. The choice of shipping carrier is left to our discretion although we will try to honor special requests.

Domestic Shipping Costs

  • Deliveries: Customers pay for shipping unless otherwise specified.
  • Returns: Customers pay for shipping back to the Factory Store. Our address is 37144 US 71 N, PO Box 228, Lake George MN 56458.
  • If we repair or replace your moccasins, we'll pay the outgoing shipping costs for the pair that is returned to you.

International shipping

We offer international shipping via US Mail. Package tracking is typically not available. Typical transit time takes up to ten days - but passing through customs may delay total transit time. Shipments going to other countries are often subject to duties and taxes that are billed by your country's customs department upon arrival. Any duties, taxes or customs charges are the customer's responsibility. We will not indicate on customs paperwork that your purchase is a "gift" to avoid duty charges. Some countries have high incidence rates of theft of incoming packages and we will not be liable for any losses incurred.

International Shipping Costs

When placing an international order, please be aware that we will contact you via phone or email to confirm final shipping costs. Shipping charges for international deliveries are billed on a separate invoice from your original purchase and we will need credit card information to make that secondary sale. For your privacy and security, we will never request your credit card via email but instead will take the card number over the phone.